Secure payment:Is it secure?

Yes. our secure payment methods such as iDeal, bunq and SOFORT. Your money will be transferred to the person who created the payment link.

How long does it take?

Paying through Implacoin/IDI takes a few seconds: just select an amount, choose your payment method, and confirm your payment. Voilá, done! The other person will receive a notification instantly, and the money will be in their account as soon as their bank processes the payment.

What is IDI?

The Implacoin token will be the “utility” (functional) token of the system. The token will increase in value due to its utilisation based on its demand as a better transactional medium for an industry plagued with high costs due to multiple intermediary and 3rd party involvement. We cannot think of a better industry than the dental industry as a niche of the healthcare industry where blockchain can improve the status quo. There are almost always intermediaries preventing direct transactions between two parties.

I need help.

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